Friday, 18 July 2014

Instagram Diary June

Morning Morning! So while I've been on holiday in sunny Cyprus for the past 10 days I've thought of a looooong list of things to blog about but here comes my Instagram Diary for June! 

During June I went to a concert in Manchester and this is the outfit I paired together! Mixing florals with casual checks did seem quite daunting to me at first but it looked really effortlessly pulled together and was super comfy throughout the entire evening! 

Top: Primark, Shirt: New Look, Skirt: Missguided

A day of shopping in Leeds saw this outfit brought together, I always like to be simple with my styling so its easy and fuss free. The striped boxy top has been my staple piece throughout early summer and mixing it with my joni jeans and my pink tailored coat looked comfy and stylish!

Loafer Shoes: Asos, Jeans: Topshop, Top: Warehouse, Coat: Debenhams

When the sun finally came out throughout June I decided to wear my bargain buy from Primark. This dress is so tropical with a high neck and a A-Line style fit it flatters any figure and for only £9 I'll be wearing this non stop!

Dress: Primark

If you haven't seen chokers all over the blogasphere where have you been?! I love all things nautical so when I saw this one I had to have it, bought from a lovely seller on depop for £3 it's a bargain necklace! 

Choker: Depop Top: Warehouse

And to conclude a new pair of shoes! I'd been wanting some heavily buckled heeled sandals for summer nights out and these are a lovely height to be comfortable all night long! 

Sandals: Boohoo

Share with me your favourite pics from June!
Thankyou for reading!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Last Minute Holiday Purchase! Topshop Sliders!

Good morning fellow fashion lovers! 
So today I thought I'd share with you a VERY last minute purchase I bought yesterday. So I'd been dying for a pair of sliders ever since I got over the 'ew they're kind of grandma'ish' phase! I've seen them all over depop with even some lucky girls snapping some up in good old Primark! However, I saw these in Topshop and I HAD to have them! 

They are white leather with a double buckle and have a cork bit at the back of the sole! When trying them on I was like these are going to be those pair of shoes I get ridiculously excited to wear. And boy was I right! (I'm wearing them right now to blog in, haha!) #obsessed!

They cost me £24 and even though you can get them cheaper in other stores I just loved the design of these more than the all cork ones I've seen... those, dare I say, look grandma'ish!

Anyway I'm jetting off to Cyprus for 10 days so have a lovely few weeks and I'll be blogging about all my holiday fashion choices when I'm back!

Let me know any last minute holiday purchases you've got! 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Geo Jumpsuits

Evening ladies! Last night I ventured out to my brothers Year 11 prom (aww how cute!) now I know the evening was about my younger brother but I couldn't help but make sure my outfit looked drop dead! I knew I'd see some familiar faces, I did once go to that school back in the day! So I thought best make sure I'm looking cracking, that fashion degree is paying off you know! (ha!)

So my Jumpsuit was a bargain sale find! From Warehouse costing £30 it was really comfy as I often find them to be incredibly uncomfortable when you sit down or do a spontaneous slut drop (haha!) I was in love with the print this Geo style is perfect for summer. I could see this being the ideal 
'lets go for a walk down the sea front with my big floppy hat and white wedges' outfit!

It comes in at the waist and the navy border that goes round the edges works as a sneaky contouring on your body enhancing your figure! I teamed it with my Nude Sandals and my Rose Gold Watch, simple styling as its a statement style! (Too many 's's there...)

Heres my dashing brother, how handsome! It was a lovely night to see everyone ending their school years!

Please let me know what you think to my outfit! 

Saturday, 21 June 2014

End of Year 2

Good afternoon! Hope your not sweating from this silly heat-but-no-sun weather!

Well today I thought I'd give you a little insight into my University Degree that i'm currently studying. Last night it was our end of year show, that finished off the second year of my Fashion degree. It's crazy how quickly it has all gone! (too crazy.. i have to get a proper job next year! what!?) 

I worked my butt off this year! There were tears, stress and tantrums.. (ha!) But I've finished this year with the best grade I could of wished for! *beaming smile* Studying fashion has been the first thing I've excelled in, throughout school and sixth form I was an average student, I never found anything that I was super talented in. So when I started to get pretty high grades in my University modules I became so proud of myself for achieving something that I loved doing. It finally felt like I had found where my talent was. Tiny bit of advice for you all, keep trying and trying! Don't give up with anything thats important to you!

Next year is my final year collection, and the dreaded... dissertation (dun dun... dun)
I am so excited and ridiculously nervous to start next year, third years can be a real adventure. I want to create something that I enjoy doing, that shows my personality and that I can be proud of. 
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Best Drug Store & High End Mascara

Now if I love anything its a good mascara, they last forever (well.. a long time)! So today I've brought you my two all time favourite mascaras, i've used these for over two years now; they're well loved! 

This is my daily mascara, I wear this in my usual make up routine. Its a perfect formula e.g: it comes off easily at the end of the day. I know some mascara's can be a nightmare to scrub off, so this one is fab for that! It curls, lengthens and adds volume to your lashes without them feeling caked and clumped. I have used others from the Volume Millions range and they all do the same job they just feel the need to change the name all the time?! I mean the 'Excess' is slightly extreme (ha!) i've seen no major difference between this and the others.

It might be slightly pricey at £10.99 but it lasts about 6 months until it starts drying up! 
So pretty good for a drugstore favourite!

I'm sure you'll of heard all about this mascara, its a cult blogger fav! I got this for my last birthday (as it's a pricey one!) I wear this mascara on nights out and glam evenings! They really do look like falsies, and I always get comments asking if I have them on! So the 'they're real' phrase does get used! (haha) Only downside to this one is you have to be careful when you apply as you can get a product overload and they look really thick and caked so take care! Also, another negative... (only downside.. okay I lied!?) it's a pain to get off, its a scrubber! I mean I haven't found a eye make up remover that doesn't struggle with this one yet! But it really is great for making your lashes look incredibly long and its a favourite of mine as I'm not a fan of falsies!

£19.50 eeek!? I know but listen its an investment or failing that wack it on your crimbo list!

So there you have it, my top two mascara fav's! 
Let me know if you've found one better! (or cheaper.. ha)

Monday, 16 June 2014

Three Primark Bargain Buys

I'm a primark junkie! (There I said it, phew!) Anything I can buy at a bargain price is my ultimate dream so I always spend approximately an hour in Primark sifting for those 'die for' buys!

Today I thought I'd bring you my recent Primark Haul! 
But my bags were overflowing so I have narrowed it down to my three favourite buys!

This dress nearly screamed at me when I saw it! (Okay, not literally...) But the print is so summer friendly, I love it! The floral hawaiian print hits the tropics trend on the head! Also the high neck style is really flattering, it falls just above the knee in an A-line style. The winning price is £9! For 'too hot to handle' evenings out on holiday this will keep you cool all night long! Ideal!

Now, I must admit I didn't need a decorative cushion, nor did I want one until I saw this! How cute is that bicycle.. its sooooooo cute! Can you believe this was a fiver! Yes £5! How dare they!? (haha!) 
I love it, it fits in perfectly with my room and its all beautifully embroidered, this would be nearly 10 times the amount in other stores so I had to buy it!

I'm addicted to Ray Bans. I love the styles they sell they suit my face really well. These were £1, yes a single coin! I figured I could take these on my girly holiday where accidents are bound to occur! I would be an emotional wreck if my real ones broke! They're a tortoise shell design and great sun protecters! 

So Primark, come on it might give you a headache but when you leave with bargains like these you can't complain!

Let me know if you have any Primark Haul videos or blog posts I'd love to see them!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Dolls Union & VLOG #1

Thank god the weather is looking up! Those rainy days where giving me whip lash, its supposed to be June right?! 

So this week I got to take part in a blogger event with brand new upcoming brand Dolls Union
It was super exciting, we got to try on the new stock and style it up! After, we took part in a mini photo shoot. Dolls Union is a brand all about connecting with the customer, selling affordable pieces that you'll wear again and again!

Here I decided to style up the White 90's Crop Top with the Pink A-line Skirt. I love midi skirts at the moment I think they're really flattering and teaming it with the crop top edged up the outfit. The scuba material is lovely and soft, and I chose to add a statement necklace to the outfit to make it cocktail party ready! Costing only £24 for the outfit, bargain!

Now I've seen these graphic tees all over the high street and this one has to be my fav! I teamed my #OOTD Tee with my Missguided Tropical Skirt, the top is only £8 and I have hundreds of styling ideas for this one! The nude heels make this outfit stand out, however trainers would look really quirky with this outfit too! (Plus bit more comfortable!)

Now I never wear clingy, body con dresses they're normally not my cup of tea, but I gave this a go and totally changed my mind! The pale nude colours together look lovely with my blonde hair, and for a special occasion this dress is great! This Colour Block Dress fit like a glove, and was comfortable to wear! (Psst, only £18 too!)

I had a great day trying on the clothes it was really fun so a big thank you to Dolls Union! I hope to get involved in more events like this, however my shopping list is getting rather long... (ha!)

Below is my first ever VLOG! I really enjoyed doing this, and personally I'm dead proud of it (hehe). Sometimes watching a small video is better for people than reading a long blog so now on events like this one I hope to start wacking out my video camera and shooting some awesome footage!

Please let me know what you think of my VLOG! And if you think its a good idea?
Also, check out for new season products at affordable prices!